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Shrinkyclinks is an Alternate Universe trope within Steve/Bucky fanworks where Steve Rogers appears as he did pre-super-serum and Bucky Barnes appears as he does as the Winter Soldier.

The idea of Skinny!Steve/WS!Bucky came to Stucky fans pretty quickly after the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier in May 2014, but it is not clear where the name "shrinkyclinks" came from.

Fandom legend attributes the name "shrinkyclinks" to Bluandorange, who has in turn credited wingsandtails as a co-inventor.[1]

However, a number of fanartists were creating art for skinny!Steve/Winter Soldier around the same time. In addition to Bluandorange, logeirr, karaii, maxbbs, and kaciart were early contributors to the trope.

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