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Synonyms: Darcy/Everyone
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Darcyland is the fandom name for Darcy Lewis appreciation, started by tumblr user Usedkarma.


"I think part of our problem is that we’re such a tolerant part of fandom. We don’t get into ship wars, there’s no “Darcy/Loki is the only way to ship, if you think she should be with Coulson you’re obviously a blind moron” that goes on in Darcyland. It’s more like “here’s some awesome fic for your ship, and maybe you’d like this too, but if not, have fun anyway!” So when the other people in fandom who are weirdly intolerant come out of the woodwork, Darcyland is baffled because that’s not how we roll."[1]

On Archive of Our Own, many fics appear usually appear with the tag "Darcyland", "SHIP DARCY WITH ALL THE THINGS" and/or "Darcy is the fandom bicycle and I love it".

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