Jake Jensen

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Name: Jake Jensen
Occupation: computer specialist
Relationships: a sister and a niece
Fandom: The Losers
Other: Played by Chris Evans
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Jake Jensen is one of the main characters in The Losers (both movie and comics). He is the tech, a specialist for communications systems and hacking computers.


Captain Jake Jensen, callsign Jensen, has spiky blonde hair, round glasses, a goatee on his chin and a motormouth that often gets him into trouble.

He has a sister and an eight-year-old niece who plays soccer. He wears the name of her team "The Petunias" on one of his eye-catching T-shirts in the film.

In the comic, he and Pooch are the only ones surviving at the end.


The most popular Jake Jensen ship is Cougar/Jensen. There are some ships with Jensen/OFC or Jensen/Reader.

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