Jayne Cobb

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Name: Jayne Cobb
Occupation: mercenary
Fandom: Serenity & Firefly
Other: Picture of Jayne on still-flying
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Jayne Cobb is the mercenary on Serenity. He's good at tracking, shooting, fighting, pool, and cracking one-liners. He's bad at dinner party conversation. He has his own song[1] and a very fine hat; many Browncoats have learnt to knit for the sake of the hat.

Jayne Cobb is the originator of the phrase I'll be in my bunk.

Our Love For Him Now Ain't Hard To Explain

In some kind of marvellous, unlooked for gift from the gods of sexual fantasy, Jayne is played by fannish BSO Adam Baldwin (previously on X-Files, SG-1, and Angel, subsequently on Chuck). He carries a great big gun and wears tight cargo pants. He spends a lot of time working out.

Although Jayne is canonically a violent, disloyal "man-ape," in ficdom it is generally agreed that we're allowed to like him because his best friend is a preacher (Shepherd Book) and he sends a cut of his pay home to his mum.

You can tell a lot about a guy from how he treats his mother


Jayne also has blue eyes so what are you gonna do? Some fic goes further into Jayne Sue territory, while others move towards crack!fic[3]. Also, sometimes, Jayne is a zombie[4].


Jayne is most often shipped with a Tam: Jayne/Simon for slash and River/Jayne for het, but there are sizable Jayne/Mal and Jayne/Kaylee communities as well. As with all Jossverse, there's at least one fic for every conceivable other pairing.

Person Ship Ship name
River Tam River/Jayne Rayne
Simon Tam Jayne/Simon
Malcolm Reynolds Jayne/Mal
Kaylee Frye Jayne/Kaylee Jaylee

More ships listed here.

Example Fanworks


  • Copper for a Kiss by Lady Cleo, Alternate ‘Verse: When fate takes a turn and Simon is unable to liberate River from the Academy, Jayne finds himself accidentally rescuing the crazy girl from her tormentors. (2005)
  • Cold Comfort Mountain by SpaceAnJL, The first time I saw a list of planets in the 'Verse, one just leapt out at me as Jayne's homeworld. So I present to you - Jayne Cobb. The Man. The Myth. The Mother. (2006)

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