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Synonyms: fanfiction fandom
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Ficdom is the part of fandom interested in reading and writing fanfiction.

According to a cursory 2015 google search, the term appears to be used more frequently in K-pop, but does turn up occasionally in almost any fandom. Harry Potter FanFic Archive has a splash page at, though the site itself is at a different domain.

Examples of usage:

  • We're just now getting going in this feisty fic that features probably the sexiest Edward in ficdom (srsly, this is my DREAM Edward). (Twilight, 2009)[1]
  • it’s so hard to run away from ficdom when most of my fandom friends are amafuckingmazing writers (2013)[2]
  • hello! i'm new to the bts ficdom, so i was just wondering if there are any super standout must read classic fics? (K-pop, 2015)[3]


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