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Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Howard Stark
Alternative name(s):
Gender category: Het, M/F
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: rare
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Darcy/Howard is a rare pairing of Howard Stark and Darcy Lewis in the MCU.


Darcy/Howard is a extremely rarepair in the MCU, only a handful of fanworks were created around the pairing, mainly on Archive of Our Own[1]

Common Tropes & Fanon



  • I Lived by Ihateallergies, Darcy swore Jane didn't mention anything about the Convergence affecting space and time, though to be fair, she wasn't all that great at listening. To be more fair, she found herself dodging dinosaurs one minute and falling through an alien landscape the next, so maybe Jane should have tried harder. (WIP)
  • I'll be careful while I'm climbin' 'cause it hurts a lot to drop by kris932, S.H.I.E.L.D. had put her through their version of basic training after the events of New Mexico. It wasn’t fun by any means and she still misses her IPod but she now knew how to respond against an attacker in different situations. Darcy while always fond of being dressed comfortably now made sure that she could always run in her shoes. Her Taser never left her side these days. Aliens, MIB’s and Mad Scientists didn’t faze her. But waking up surrounded by gun touting men that could have walked out of the pages of one of her history books was unexpected. (WIP)
  • Bygone by TaraSoleil, It started with a box, a super sweet coat and a wormhole. Now Darcy Lewis is stuck relying on Howard 'Grabby Hands' Stark in her efforts to get home. Sometimes science sucks. (WIP)

Archives & Fannish Links


  1. As of July 19, 2015: AO3 has 5 works tagged with Darcy/Howard.