Fuck Yeah Darcy Lewis

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Name: Fuck Yeah Darcy Lewis
Date(s): June 2012 - present
Submissions: Yes
Type: Fanworks
Fandom: Thor Movieverse (MCU)
Scope: Darcy Lewis, Darcyland, Kat Dennings
URL: Fuck Yeah Darcy Lewis
The 2014 Layout
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Fuck Yeah Darcy Lewis is the first Tumblr blog dedicated solely to character Darcy Lewis of the Thor Movieverse/Marvel Cinematic Universe. It accepts any fanworks related to Darcy, and thus accepts any of her pairings.


Fuck Yeah Darcy Lewis was started and run by Usedkarma, and was inspired by Fuck Yeah! Loki and Darcy ([1]). It is apart of the Darcyland Network ([2]). It has a Polyvore group.

As of September 26, 2014, it has 2,251 followers.


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