FYDL 10 Days of Femslash

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Name: FYDL 10 Days of Femslash
F*ckYeahDarcyLewis 10 Days of Femslash
Date(s): April 3 - April 13th, 2016
Type: femslash only, a prompts challenge
Fandom: Thor Movieverse (MCU)
Associated Community: Fuck Yeah Darcy Lewis
URL: "FYDL 10 Days of Femslash". Archived from the original on 2016-08-03.
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FYDL 10 Days of Femslash is a current ongoing Darcy Lewis femslash challenge.


"The goal is to write femslash in Darcyland (it means focusing on romantic and/or sexual relationships between female fictional characters, no ‘just’ friendships, no ‘gal pals’ here except ironically). You can write Darcy with whoever you’d like, even use the rule63 ( or ‘Always been a girl” trope for male characters). A minimum of 400 words based off the given prompt for the contest if you decide to write. You can post any kind of fanwork you like - fics, drabbles, graphics, fanarts, cosplay, headcanons, prompts, Fanmixes, playlists seriously anything your mind can think about. Each day has a different theme, either a trope or a special AU.

How to submit : fairly simple, you create a fanwork, post it on your blog and tag it with #darcy lewis (if you posted it on AO3, the platform gives you the link to post your work on tumblr). Don’t forget any triggers with a warning please and a put your work under a cut if necessary."


  1. April 3: Lazy Sundays
  2. April 4: Single Parents!AU
  3. April 5: Stuck in an Elevator (and loving it)
  4. April 6: Oblivious Matchmaker
  5. April 7: Secretly Married
  6. April 8: Truth or Dare
  7. April 9: Rivalry to Romance
  8. April 10: Sex Pollen!AU
  9. April 11: Road Trip
  10. April 12: Soulmates!AU
  11. April 13: Online Relationship


April 3: Lazy Sundays

April 4: Single Parents!AU

April 5: Stuck in an Elevator (and loving it)

April 6: Oblivious Matchmaker

April 7: Secretly Married

April 8: Truth or Dare

April 9: Rivalry to Romance


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