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Synonyms: Shrunkyclunks
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Shrunkyclunks is an Alternate Universe trope within Steve/Bucky fanworks where Steve Rogers appears as he does as Captain America and Bucky Barnes appears as a "modern" version of himself.

The name "Shrunkyclunks" is a derivative of its predecessor Shrinkyclinks. The name seems to originate from an anonymous commenter on The Stucky Library, on a post dated May 2nd, 2016. The emergence of the expression seems to be documented in a series of posts on The Stucky Library.

Another anonymous user on The Stucky Library subsequently explained the reasoning behind the replacement of the "I" sound by the "U" sound: "yes ! shrunkyclunks ! 'shrunky' = bucky "shrinking" down = aging down and 'clunky' makes me think of the shield so clunky = cap!steve so yes shrunkyclunks works ok guys"

Tumblr user dsudis also gave a good explanation of the different components of "clinkshipping", as they put it, in this post dated May 23, 2016.