Darcy Lewis is Tony Stark's Daughter

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Synonyms: Darcy Stark, Darcy is Tony's Daughter
Related: Darcy Lewis & Tony Stark, Darcy Lewis, Tony Stark, Howard Stark, Everyone Is Related
See Also: The Avengers Movieverse
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Darcy Lewis is Tony Stark's Daughter is a Marvel Cinematic Universe trope that is fairly common in the fandom (or at least in Darcy's) of "Everyone Is Related", which takes the fan theory/collective headcanon of Darcy Lewis being Tony Stark's daughter (thus making her the granddaughter of Howard Stark and Maria Stark).

Various versions of this trope does exist where Darcy is usually revealed to be the illegitimate daughter of Tony's, where she doesn't know the truth until she's an adult living at the Avengers Tower, or the secret child Tony and usually an OC have had, where Tony raises her although usually a secret to keep the press and threats to her safety a minimum - this is usually done by having Pepper Potts be her official guardian.

This type of Everyone Is Related trope could be a reference to the actors that portray the characters (Kat Dennings and Robert Downey, Jr.) have had a father-daughter relationship in the 2007 film Charlie Bartlett.

Darcy Lewis is Tony Stark's Mother

Sometimes this trope is switched around, in which case Darcy travels through time and becomes Maria, and marries Howard Stark who eventually gives birth to Tony. This is not very popular, but has appeared.

Fanwork Examples

Please restrict examples to constitutes a Darcy being Tony's daughter a major point in work, rather than a throwaway moment.