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Name: Stephanie
Alias(es): Harpie, Flareonfury, flareoninsanity, LadyWolf, Spider-Cat, Stephanie1316
Type: fan writer, fan artist, reccer, community moderator, fansite owner
Fandoms: X-Men (all), Marvel Cinematic Universe, Harry Potter, Revolution, Lizzie McGuire, Hey Arnold, Teen Titans, Smallville, Supernatural, Life With Derek, Totally Spies, House of Wax, Saved by the Bell, Heroes, Alice (Syfy), Tin Man, Glee, Castle,
URL: Fanfiction.net account
AO3 account
LiveJournal account
LJ fanfiction comm
LJ graphic comm
Dreamwidth account
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Stephanie is a fan that has been active in fandoms since 2002 after joining Fanfiction.net [1].


Websites and Communities

List of Communities

Below is an incomplete list of Livejournal Communities Stephanie has owned or maintained at one time or another.

  • General communities:
    • abc_onceupon, disneych_fic, aboutagirl_tv, gargoyles_fics, legion_fic, lux_fanfic, makebreak_fics, raisingthefics, sbtb_fics, strangedaysfic, tv_accidentally, uc_xmen, unusualsfanfics, xtremeghostbust, nbc_blacklist
  • Pairing communities:
  • Character communities:
    • girlclark, h2o_rikki, smallville_jsa, sv_tessmercer, sv_zatanna, teamquinn,
  • Crossover communities (including x-pairings):
    • btvs_hp, btvs_sv, castlexovers, charmed_sv, chloecrossing, clairecrossing, gargoylesxovers, glee_crossovers, heroes_dcu, heroes_f4, heroes_spidey, hmd_crossovers, hp_cm, hp_f4, hp_sv, lwd_crossovers, ml_btvs, moonlight_cross, pmv_crossovers, spn_angel, spn_dcu, spn_gw, spn_xm, sv_batman, sv_dcu, sv_f4, sv_heroes, sv_roswell, sv_spiderman, sv_transformers, sv_twilight, sv_xm, vd_crossover, xm_hp, xmen_f4, xmen_heroes, roswellxovers, lorelai_sam, peter_rogue, hp_charmed, xmenglee
  • Challenge/Prompt communities:
    • crossovers50, disneych_100, sv100, xmen100, hsm_100, xmen15, galorechallenge, xoverland, svpromptstables, wowpdrabbles, xovers20in20, grangerlupin100

List of Fansites


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