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Journal Community
Name: X-Men Unconventional Ships
Date(s): March 8, 2004 - January 2016
Moderator: flareonfury, prozacpark
Founder: prozacpark
Type: pairings
Fandom: X-Men (any universe)
URL: uc_xmen (LJ);archive link
uc_xmen (DW);archive link
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X-Men Unconventional Ships was a LiveJournal community focusing on any unconventional X-Men pairings. The community has a mirror at Dreamwidth.

"This community is dedicated to the shipping of non canon or unconventional pairings in all X-men universes. That means no Jean/Scott and no comicverse Rogue/Gambit. If it's canon in a particular universe, we don't want to see it here. Other than that, any ship you can think of, in any incarnation of the X-men, is welcomed. Discussion, fanfic, subtext-filled comic scans, and screen caps are all welcomed. Slash and het are both allowed"

As of February 2014 it has over 130 members. The last official posting was in January 2016.