Secrets (Harry Potter fansite)

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Name: Secrets
a.k.a. Harry and Hermione In Love Forever
Owner/Maintainer: Stephanie
Dates: June/July 2003 - c. 2007
Type: Harry/Hermione fansite
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: original site on angelfire
on GeoCities via the Wayback Machine
most recent documented version

Main page of the 2007 site

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Secrets was a Harry Potter fansite dedicated to the Harry/Hermione 'ship. It contained justifications for the ship as well as links to H/Hr fanfiction and fansites.

This site is documented here as part of the OTW's GeoCities Rescue Project.


The site was originally named 'Harry and Hermione in Love Forever', created in June or July of 2003 on Angelfire. In was moved on December 30th, 2003 to GeoCities and renamed 'The Hug of Love', after a scene from the end of the Chamber of Secrets movie. On June 7th, 2004, the name was changed to 'Secrets':

The name Secrets came from an idea that they like each other, but its a secret that no one knows about it. And of course secret kisses, hugs, meanings, etc.

The site was moved twice in 2006, once on May 27th to and once on August 24th to