Psychic Affair

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Name: Psychic Affair
Owner/Maintainer: Stephanie
Dates: unknown - 2008 or 2009
Type: fansite
Fandom: X-Men
URL: Psychic Affair (deadlink)
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Old layout
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Psychic Affair was a fansite dedicated to the pairing of Emma Frost/Scott Summers from the X-Men fandom. It had fanfic recs and other fan graphics, information about the ship, it's own gallery, as well as a forum. The fansite was named after Scott and Emma's initial start to their relationship, which was described as psychic affair due to the fact that Emma and Scott were connecting on a psychic plane while Scott was still married with Jean Grey. It was also a fanfiction archive, hosting 18 stories by 10 contributing authors.

It was hosted on (Stephanie's personal domain), however due to when the domain expired in 2008 or 2009, the fansite is no longer up.