Moon Reflection

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Name: Moon Reflection
Owner/Maintainer: Ava
Previous Owner Stephanie
Dates: First Run December 28, 2004 - August 2005
Second Run August 2005 - present
Type: fansite, fanlisting
Fandom: Harry Potter
wayback link of the original fansite
Current layout

Version 5 of the fansite
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Moon Reflection is a Harry Potter fansite for the pairing of Hermione Granger/Remus Lupin.

About the Name

"The one thing that I had a problem with was the name of the site (about making the fansite). I was going to do Moonlight or New Hope as the name, but I thought no. I knew that it had to do with the Moon on Remus’ sake, but I couldn’t think what I could put beside it or before it. I thought long and hard, the whole while making the first layout. After a while I thought Reflection because the moon was beautiful and since Hermione is my favorite character I think she was a little pretty even if she had bushy hair. So after thinking if it would be an good idea, I made the site name Moon Reflection." [1]




The site is affiliated with Subtle Signs and Siriusly Mione.