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Name: Lizzie McGuire
Abbreviation(s): LM
Creator: Terri Minsky
Date(s): January 12, 2001 – February 14, 2004 (series run)
May 2, 2003 - The Lizzie McGuire Movie released
Medium: Live-Action Television Series, Live-Action Film
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: Wikipedia, IMDB, Lizzie McGuire Official Website
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Lizzie McGuire was a Disney Channel teen sitcom that starred Hilary Duff as the titular character, Lizzie McGuire and focused on her adventures through junior high with her two best friends, Miranda Sanchez and David "Gordo" Gordon along with her family.


The series ran for two seasons (although 65 episodes were produced and aired), and due to it's success the series had a film released out in theatre, making it the first Disney Channel show to get one. Another difference that the Lizzie McGuire series had was that it often sort of broke the fourth wall in Lizzie's case, where an animated Lizzie would tell the viewers what she was thinking or how she felt during a scene.

The series had various famous guest stars, namely Aaron Carter and Steven Tyler. Hilary's sister, Haylie Duff, also appeared in the series as Kate's cousin.

Main Characters

  • Lizzie McGuire - a clumsy teen who dreams to fit in and be popular
  • Miranda Sanchez - Lizzie's best friend and very self-conscious teen, she's Mexican American but doesn't speak Spanish a lot
  • David "Gordo" Gordon - Lizzie's best friend since they were baby, and he's very intelligent, practical teen that dreams of being a director (which is why he is often seen with his video camera).
  • Matt McGuire - Lizzie's younger brother and is very much a troublemaker - often shown scheming and causing trouble especially for his sister
  • Jo McGuire - Lizzie and Matt's mother, she often the parent that figures out what her kids are up to and is one step ahead of them
  • Sam McGuire - Lizzie and Matt's father, a bit goofy and sometimes quite clueless about raising kids, and like his daughter is a klutz.

Reoccurring Characters

  • Kate Sanders - is the most popular girl at Lizzie's school. Originally one of trio's best friends, however Kate became popular and lost her old friends becoming Lizzie's enemy. Eventually they put aside their differences.
  • Ethan Craft - is the good looking, athletic boy who all the girls at school have a huge crush on. He lacks in the intelligence aspect, but he is kind and friendly to everyone.
  • Larry Tudgeman III - often referred to as "Tudgeman" (or simply Tudge), Larry is the stereotype of the school geek and is often treated like an outcast.
  • Lanny Onasis - is Matt's best friend that never speaks on-screen, but Matt seems to have no problem communicating with him.
  • Melina Bianco - is Matt's other best friend who loves getting him into trouble; eventually Melina and Matt develop some feelings for each other


Lizzie McGuire's fandom was very active during the series run (2001-2004), and it remains still fairly active with works still being published at FFN and to AO3.

Lizzie McGuire fandom was mainly found on FanFiction.Net during the series run, which continues even today with over 2,700[1] stories on the website. The fandom was fairly small at LiveJournal, with only a few communities popped up with that as the main focus (most were general Disney Channel or Hilary Duff communities). A few small personal fansites on free sites such as Geocities, mainly filled with pictures of the characters or actors could be found during the active years of the fandom. Youtube videos also appeared, often to focus on the popular pairing, Lizzie/Gordo, or focusing on the film. Since the series went off air, the fandom has slowed, with many of the notable writers during its heyday moved on to other fandoms. The fandom is slowly moving to AO3, with only a few works posted per year since 2009[2].


Although Het was the popular shipping genre for the series, you were still able to find Femslash and has a small slash section.

The main het pairing for the fandom was Lizzie/Gordo, which could be considered the fandom's OTP due it actually becoming canon by the end of the series and nearly everyone shipped it in the fandom. Other het pairings existed such as Miranda/Gordo, Lizzie/Ethan, Miranda/Matt, Kate/Ethan, Miranda/Larry, Melina/Matt, etc.

The main Femslash pairings were Lizzie/Miranda and Lizzie/Kate. While slash is fairly small, one of the pairings that appeared is Gordo/Ethan.

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See also: Lizzie/Gordo for more.

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