The Stark Legacy

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Title: The Stark Legacy - AU Tony, Darcy & Steve
Creator: puffabilly
Date: 25 October 2012
Format: digital vid
Length: 2:01 min
Music: 30 Seconds to Mars
Genre: gen and het
Fandom: The Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, MCU
Footage: Iron Man 1-2, Thor, The Avengers, Charlie Bartlett, Shorts, What's Your Number?
URL: The Stark Legacy - AU Tony, Darcy & Steve (YouTube)

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The Stark Legacy is a alternate universe vid by puffabilly for Marvel Cinematic Universe. It has Darcy Lewis as Tony Stark's daughter, which is becoming a popular storyline in fics that feature her. The pairings for this video is Tony/Pepper and Darcy/Steve.

As of July 16 2013, the video has more than 3,100 views.

Vidder's note/Summary:

"AU Crack -A reworking of Iron Man and The Avengers where Darcy Lewis is Tony Stark's illegitimate child. After Tony is taken hostage, Darcy comes to Stark Industries. Tony returns home and isn't particularly interested in connecting with his daughter. But after some guidance from Pepper and seeing the disappointment in Darcy, Tony comes around.
But then Darcy starts dating Steve and Tony has to deal with his protective father instincts, even when Loki brings the Chitauri to Earth. And Darcy doesn't plan on staying at home when her father and lover are in danger...
TL:DR - Crack, complete and utter crack. And in proper Marvel style - make sure to watch to the end."


Love this. It looked like a real commercial. Awesome job![1]
This is simply brilliant! This is also the greatest idea ever. Plus, you have 30tM, so it just might be the most epic thing ever. We might need to call in a panel of judges, but I think that'd be a formality at this point. xD [2]


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