Maria Stark

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Name: Maria Collins Carbonell Starkz
Maria Cerrera (Ultimate Universe)
Occupation: unknown
scientist (Ultimate Universe)
Relationships: Howard Stark (husband); Tony Stark (son)
Fandom: Marvel Comics, Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Maria Stark is a character from the Marvel Comics. In canon, Maria is often shown in flashbacks or alluded to. Hope Davis portrayed the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Captain America: Civil War.


Fanon often uses Maria Stark as well in the same concept, often in fanfiction with Tony Stark and Howard Stark. She's mainly paired with Howard Stark. Maria & Tony Stark gen relationship appears.

Within the Darcy Lewis part of MCU fandom, some time travel/AUs portray Darcy becoming Maria Stark in Darcy/Howard, others AUs portray Darcy as another child of Howard (not necessary with Maria) or granddaughter through Tony.

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