Up All Night To Get Bucky

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Synonyms: Finding Bucky Barnes
Related: Post-Winter Soldier, Road Trip
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Up All Night To Get Bucky is a trope that came from Captain America: The Winter Soldier film.

The Trope

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Up All Night To Get Bucky is a trope that was inspired by a final scene in The Winter Soldier, where Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson decide to go after Bucky Barnes together. Although Natasha Romanoff goes off on her own, fans often have her joining Steve and Sam on the trip to find Bucky.

This trope is usually associated with Steve/Sam, Steve/Bucky, Steve/Sam/Natasha, Steve/Sam/Bucky, or Steve/Sam/Bucky/Natasha fanworks.

The title of the trope comes from the Daft Punk song "Get Lucky," which was released one year before The Winter Soldier. The line "Up all night to get lucky" is repeated in the song many times.

Notable Fanworks

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