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This article is about the character. For the television series, see Jessica Jones (TV series).
Name: Jessica Jones
Occupation: private investigator, ex-superhero, reporter
Title/Rank: Jewel, Knightress, Power Woman (aliases)
Location: New York, United States
Status: alive
Relationships: Luke Cage (love interest, comics husband)
Danielle Cage (daughter with Luke Cage)
Trish Walker (MCU best friend/adoptive sister)
Fandom: Marvel Comics (Alias, The Pulse, Jessica Jones), Marvel Cinematic Universe (Jessica Jones, The Defenders), New Avengers, Young Avengers
Other: portrayed by Krysten Ritter in the MCU
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Jessica Jones is a Marvel Comics character who first appeared as the protagonist of the comics series Alias, created by Brian Michael Bendis. Alias ran from 2001 to 2004, and Jessica Jones subsequently starred in the 2004 to 2006 series The Pulse.

It was announced in 2013 that a live-action television series centering on Jessica Jones would be released on Netflix and be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first season of Jessica Jones (working title AKA Jessica Jones), starring Krysten Ritter, was released in November 2015. The character will also appear in the upcoming 2017 Netflix series The Defenders, and Jessica Jones has been renewed for a second season to be released in 2018 or later.

A new comic series by Bendis called Jessica Jones debuted in late 2016.



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TV Series

The announcement that Jessica Jones would get her own Netflix series lead to renewed fannish interest in the character. Jessica has appeared in the Jessica Jones and The Defenders TV series. Fanworks including Jessica are often crossover works, including characters from other MCU TV series and movies.

The most popular pairing for Jessica is the femslash pairing of Jessica Jones/Patricia "Trish" Walker. The gen pairing of Jessica & Trish is also quite popular within the TV series fandom.

Other popular pairings include, the canonical het pairing of Luke Cage/Jessica Jones and the non-canonical Jessica Jones/Matt Murdock.

In canon, Jessica has a non-consensual relationship with Kilgrave while under the influence of his mind control powers. The pairing of Jessica Jones/Kilgrave is somewhat popular, and there has been much fan discussion about the appropriateness of shipping a victim with her abuser.[1] [2]Many works in the pairing acknowledge the problematic nature of their relationship, and contain warning tags such as non-con, dub-con and PTSD.

Rarer pairings include the threesome pairing of Luke/Jessica/Danny, as well as Jessica Jones/Claire Temple, Jessica Jones/Steve Rogers and Jessica Jones/Karen Page.

Common Tropes & Storylines

  • Meeting the Avengers and alternate first meetings with other Defenders
  • PTSD following Jessica's abusive relationship with Kilgrave
  • Day drinking and generally using alcohol as a coping mechanism


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