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Name: Patricia "Trish" Walker
Occupation: radio host, ex-child star
Location: United States
Status: alive
Relationships: Jessica Jones (best friend, adoptive sister)
Dorothy Walker (mother)
Will Simpson (dated)
Fandom: Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, The Defenders, Marvel Cinematic Universe
Other: portrayed by Rachael Taylor and as a teenager by Catherine Blades
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Patricia "Trish" Walker is a character from the MCU Netflix series Jessica Jones. She is based on the Marvel Comics character Patsy Walker.

Trish also made a cameo via her radio program "Trish Talk" in an episode of Luke Cage. She is also due to appear in the upcoming 2017 Netflix series The Defenders.

Character Background

Jessica Jones showrunner Melissa Rosenberg originally planned for Carol Danvers to appear in Trish's role as Jessica's close friend and confidant in the television series, but when the series was rewritten to accommodate the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel's future plans for Carol Danvers, a character based on Patsy Walker (who did not appear in Alias, the comic series on which Jessica Jones is based) was introduced in her place.

The character Patsy Walker first appeared in teen humor comics starting in the 1940s, and was later introduced in Marvel's superhero comic series, including The Avengers and The Defenders. The Defenders established the original Patsy stories to exist in-universe as written by Patsy's mother Dorothy Walker about Patsy's real life and friends.

This is the basis of Trish's background Jessica Jones, having been a child star on a TV show called It's Patsy. Jessica Jones also reimagines Trish's adolescence as more troubled than Patsy's in the comics: her mother was abusive and exploited Trish through It's Patsy, and Trish struggled with addiction. However, Trish extricated herself from her mother's control and went on to become a popular and respected host of a radio talk show, Trish Talk.

Jessica Jones also contains references to the fact that, while Trish is blonde, her comics counterpart is well-known for her red hair. This is represented by the fact that Trish's childhood "Patsy" character had red hair, shown in a flashback and mentioned by a fan who says he misses her red hair. The fan also has a "Patsy Walker" comic book with a red-headed Patsy on the cover.[1]

In the comics, Patsy Walker becomes a superhero known as Hellcat. Jessica Jones's Trish has yet to show signs of adopting the Hellcat identity, though she is proficient in martial arts and expresses a desire to "save the world".[2]


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Trish has been well-received by fans, who commonly praise her loyalty and her strength and determination to fight alongside Jessica despite having no superpowers of her own.[3]

Fandom's primary interest is in Trish's bond with Jessica Jones, whether that be interpreted as romantic, familial, or a close friendship. Some fanworks also explore her fraught relationship with her mother. A small number of fics examine Trish Walker becoming her alter ego, Hellcat.


Jessica/Trish or "Trishica" is by far the most popular ship for Trish, and arguably the most popular pairing in Jessica Jones fandom overall.

Although Trish was involved with Will Simpson over the course of the show, shipping the two together is extremely rare: Archive of Our Own doesn't even have a pairing tag for the couple as of January 2017. (Simpson is an unpopular figure in fandom overall.)

Rarepairs involving Trish include pairing Trish with Steve Rogers or as part of a threesome with Jessica and Luke Cage.

Example Trish-centric Fanworks

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