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Pairing: Jessica Jones/Patricia "Trish" Walker
Alternative name(s): Jessica/Trish, Jess/Trish, Trishica
Gender category: femslash
Fandom: Jessica Jones, Marvel Cinematic Universe
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: popular
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Jessica/Trish, or Trishica, is a femslash pairing from the MCU Netflix series Jessica Jones.

The relationship between Jessica and Trish is the central relationship and the emotional backbone of the show. Some fans liken its appeal to the popularity of other canon "bromances". Their dynamic and ambiguity of their relationship in early episodes led some fans—and even Krysten Ritter, who portrays Jessica—to conclude that they may have been canonical exes. The revelation that they were adoptive sisters turned best friends comes in later episodes.


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Numerous fans came to the conclusion that Jessica and Trish were exes after viewing the first episode[1]

Jessica/Trish has historically been Jessica Jones's most popular ship, at least in terms of quantity of fanworks. This was true as early as the end of November 2015 (mere days after the series was released on Netflix),[note 1] and remains the clear trend as of early 2017.[2] However, there has been a perception within fandom that Jessica/Kilgrave has received the majority of the fandom's attention and discussion, though the veracity of this is difficult to measure.[note 2]

Because there is also strong fandom support for the platonic relationship between Jessica and Trish, many fanworks such as fanart and vids are ambiguous as to whether they are intended as shippy, and can be interpreted either way.


The Jessica/Trish ship also has its detractors. Some argue that Jessica/Trish is incest because the two are adoptive sisters. Most fans of the pairing disagree, citing the fact that although Jessica was legally adopted by Trish's mom as a teenager, the adoption was just a publicity stunt and Jessica was never made truly part of the Walker family. Jessica and Trish themselves refer to one another as best friends; only Kilgrave ever refers to them as sisters.[note 3] One fan, dealanexmachina, contrasted Jess/Trish with Kara/Alex in the Supergirl fandom, concluding that the two shows treat the relationships between the adoptive sisters very differently and proposing that this is why more fans appear to by squicked by the incestuous aspects of Kara/Alex over Jessica/Trish.[3]

TPTB on Jessica/Trish

TPTB have been supportive of the ship. Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg has said that she "love[s] that people are seeing [a romantic side to Jessica and Trish]," even though she didn't intend to imply a romantic relationship in the script.[note 4][note 5] She later elaborated: "I sometimes think there's sort of a prurient interest in that, like, can't women just be friends? I feel like for me that's what is unique about the relationship, that they are such intimate friends, and I think they don't have to become lovers—that being said, one never knows."[4] These comments produced a mixed fan reaction—as did The Mary Sue's reaction article, entitled "Why Jessica and Trish Getting Together on Jessica Jones Would Be a Bad Idea".[note 6]

Krysten Ritter is also supportive of the ship on social media, for example retweeting a comment about Jessica and Trish dating in Season 2.[note 7]

Ritter supported the conclusion held by many fans that they may have been canonical exes.

"There was some stuff that I... I worked on with a different thing in mind than—For example, I didn't know that Rachael Taylor's character Trish was going to end up being my sister... I didn't know that. I knew that there was, like, real history there, um, I actually couldn't tell if they maybe were lovers at one point, just because their relationship was so dynamic and complex and so real and so alive, that I just felt like there had to be more there.[5]

Ritter has also been quoted saying similarly:

[Q:] "Not only is a female fronted superhero series, but there is this amazing female friendship at the core of it. And also I’m curious, because it’s gotten a lot of attention from the press, about the female sexuality aspect of the series. Was that something you guys were aware of when you were filming it? Were there conversations about that?" [A:] "My acting teacher and I talked a lot about the relationship between Jessica and Trish. We thought there was some history there. The relationship was so layered. I thought maybe they were ex-lovers. Umm… I guess they weren’t. Turned out they were sisters, a little different [laughs]. But that connection runs pretty deep. It was still a very deep love between those two women. I feel like that’s the heart of the show.[6]

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