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Synonyms: BFF, BroTP, SisOTP
See also: Smarm, Friendshipper, Gen, Subtext, Buddy Cop Fandom
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Bromance is a non-fannish term for close male friendship that emerged in American popular culture in the 1990s.[1] Friendships between celebrities or fictional characters that are frequently labeled "bromances" by mainstream media are likely to have slash written about them, and mainstream articles specifically about slash are likely to employ the term.

In some areas of fandom online, bromance is used to describe fans' interest in m/m gen friendships, i.e. "I ship them as a bromance."

In the early 2010s, the term "bromance" and "brotp" have begun to be used to describe m/f gen friendships and even f/f gen friendships (although the full-female version is rarely called "sisotp"; the official term is "womance"[2]). As of 2015 this usage had not penetrated some fannish spaces.

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