Alaric Saltzman

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Name: Alaric Saltzman
Occupation: former high school history teacher, currently an Occult Studies professor at Whitmore College
Location: Whitmore
Status: human
Relationships: Isobel Flemming (former wife), Elena Gilbert (former ward), Jeremy Gilbert (former ward)
Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Other: Played by Matt Davis
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Alaric Saltzman is a popular character on The Vampire Diaries introduced in season one of the show as a history teacher.


It was later revealed that he was a vampire hunter, who came to Mystic Falls to hunt down a vampire who killed his wife, Isobel. That vampire turned out to be Damon Salvatore. After a confrontation with Damon, Alaric died, but was brought back thanks to a magical Gilbert ring, a gift from his wife.

He develops a relationship with Elena and Jeremy's aunt, Jenna Sommers and after she is killed by Klaus Mikaelson, he assumes guardianship of Elena and Jeremy.

In season 3, he is turned into a vampire by Esther in a plot to kill her family and end vampire existence completely. His life is connected to Elena's and he cannot be killed for as long as she leaves. When she dies in a car accident caused by Rebekah Mikaelson, he also dies.

He is seem sporadically in ghost form in seasons 4 and 5. In season 5 finale he is brought back from The Other Side, still a vampire. It's revealed that, because he was created by Esther's magic, he had all the skills and advantages of an Original Vampire, including ability to compel other vampires. Since then, he has been turned back into human.


After Alaric's death in season 3, fans of the character were devastated. There were a lot of tribute fanvids made during the hiatus between season 3 and 4. When he appeared briefly at the beginning of season four, his "I miss you too, buddy" scene with Damon was giffed and squeed about by a lot of people. The writers themselves said that, Alaric has always been the first one on the list of characters they wanted to bring back.

Gen Relationships with other characters

Fandom often uses Alaric as a supportive character in fanfic, where he has a familial or friendly relationship with the main character/pairing. The most common dynamics include:

  • Alaric & Damon - a deep friendship with Damon Salvatore that in many ways resebles their relationship in canon. Alaric is often the sounding board, the drinking buddy, best friend, partner in crime with Damon.
  • Alaric & Jeremy - this relationship varies in fics, from a guardian/ward, mentor-like relationship to a close father/son dynamic
  • Alaric & Elena - very much like his relationship with Jeremy, Alaric's relationship with Elena is often portrayed in fics as a family dynamic (often due to him dating Aunt Jenna)

Common Romantic Pairings

The most popular slash pairing is Damon/Alaric, but there's also some rarepair ships including Alaric/Elijah, Alaric/Damon/Elijah and Alaric/Jeremy/ His het pairings include Alaric/Jenna and Alaric/Elena

Fanon and Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Evil!Ric - this trope gained popularity after season 3, where for several episodes Alaric was possessed and evil, trying to kill the protagonists. Due to his canon connection to Esther, he is sometimes portrayed as working for The Original Family (especially in human Crime AUs, where Mikaelsons are a crime family.
  • Alcoholic!Ric - in season 3 Alaric is portrayed as having a serious drinking problem after the death of his girlfriend Jenna, some writers address that issue in more depth
  • Vampire!Ric - even before he was turned into a vampire, this was a popular trope, especially in Damon/Alaric fics.

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