Alaric & Jeremy

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Pairing: Alaric Saltzman & Jeremy Gilbert
Alternative name(s): Jalaric (also used for the romantic type)
Gender category: gen
Fandom: TVD
Canonical?: in a way yes
Prevalence: semi-popular
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This page is for the gen/platonic/familial relationship between Alaric and Jeremy. For romantic pairing go to Jeremy/Alaric

Alaric & Jeremy is a popular background gen pairing in the TVD fandom.


They first met when Alaric became a teacher at Mystic Falls High School, they immediately developed a friendly relationship with Alaric helping Jeremy focus more on school work. Later on Alaric started dating Jeremy's aunt, Jenna Sommers, and became even closer with the Gilbert family. After Jenna's death Alaric became the legal guardian of Jeremy and his sister Elena, moving in with the Gilberts. He later also became Jeremy's mentor in all things vampire-hunting.


Fandom portrays Alaric & Jeremy to have a close relationship, either mentor/student or father/son. Alaric often becomes Jeremy's guardian or adoptive father (either through marriage to Jenna or actual adoption).

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