Jenna Sommers

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Name: Jenna Sommers
Occupation: Realtor
Relationships: Elena Gilbert (niece), Jeremy Gilbert (nephew)
Fandom: TVD
Other: Played by Sara Canning
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Jenna Sommers was a recurring character on first two seasons of The Vampire Diaries TV show.


Jenna Sommers was Elena and Jeremy's aunt, who became their legal guardian after their parents were killed in a car crash. During the first two seasons she remained unaware of the supernatural forces in Mystic Falls, until the very end. She was turned into a vampire by Klaus Mikaelson and killed by him in The Sun and Moon ritual.


Fandom often refers to Jenna as Aunt Jenna, as her familial connection to both Elena and Jeremy is one of the crucial aspects of her character. She isn't a focus of many fanworks, instead being a supporting character in many of fics.

Common Pairings

Her most popular het pairings are Alaric/Jenna and Elijah/Jenna. She is less often shipped with Damon.

There is no femslash.

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