Jeremy Gilbert

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Name: Jeremy Gilbert
Occupation: Hunter (one of The Five)
Location: Mystic Falls
Status: alive (ressurected)
Relationships: Elena Gilbert (sister), John Gilbert (uncle), Jenna Sommers (aunt), Alaric Saltzman (guardian)
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Other: Played by Steven R. McQueen
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Jeremy Gilbert is a major (regular) character on The Vampire Diaries.


Jeremy and his sister lost both their parents before the start of the show. In reaction to his parents' death, he started to smoke weed and slack off in class. When Vicki Donovan, a girl he had a crush on, was killed, Elena asked Damon to wipe Jeremy's memories of that event. That dramatically changed Jeremy's personality; he stopped using drugs and became more focused.

After he was accidentally killed, he was brought back to life by Bonnie Bennett. As a result, he started to see ghosts (and he was capable of interacting with them: talking and even touching them - though he didn't feel their touch).

In season 4, it was discovered that he had the potential of becoming one of The Five, powerful hunters whose destiny was to kill Silas. After he became a Hunter, his friends used the tattoo that suddenly showed on his body as a map to reach Silas and The Cure for Vampirism.


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Common Pairings

The most popular het pairing appears to be Jeremy/Bonnie, with Jeremy/Anna and Jeremy/Vicki also present in fandom (though with a much smaller presence).

Slash pairings include Jeremy/Damon, Jeremy/Tyler, Jeremy/Kol. Some fans ship Alaric/Jeremy, but their platonic/familial relationship is much more popular.

Gen relationships include Elena & Jeremy, Alaric & Jeremy, Jeremy & Tyler, Jeremy & Kol

Fanon and Common Tropes in Fanworks

In fics where Elena is portrayed in negative light, Jeremy will often be portrayed as being annoyed with his sister, actively and openly defying and/or working against her, despite their close and positive relationship in canon.

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