Bonnie Bennett

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Name: Bonnie Bennett
Occupation: Student
Title/Rank: Witch
Location: Mystic Falls
Status: Human
Relationships: Sheila Bennett (grandmother), Abby Bennett (mother), Rudy Hopkins (father)
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Other: Played by Kat Graham
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For the character from the novels see Bonnie McCullough

Bonnie Bennett is a regular character on The Vampire Diaries TV show.

Canon Overview


Bonnie's magical talents has been a cause for criticism from fans at the beginning of the show's run. They felt that she was used as a Magical Negro and that it was THE defining characteristic of her character.

the only African American on the show is a girl with caramel skin color. She is a witch on the show, which technically isn’t the stereotypical black character, but it is racially biased when every other African American that makes an appearance on the show is also a witch. Basically they’re all from the same bloodline, The Bennett line, which goes back to the Salem Witch Trials and delves into their beginnings in slavery. Yet in 2013 their all still witches and fans have begun to joke that every black character is obviously a witch.[1]

As the show progressed a lot of fans called Bonnie useless and pointless, because it didn't seem like she had any storyline beside being the magical equivalent of Deus Ex Machina.

Bonnie developing her powers did not thrust her in the spotlight (I'm not going to talk about the producers. *Steams*). Her position did not change. Compared to Elena and Caroline, she's still the one in the background (though I don't think Bonnie views herself as someone in the background of anything). She has the powers, but who is everyone after? Elena. Before her powers, Bonnie would listen to Matt, Caroline, and Elena talk about their issues and try to make them feel better/offer advice. After her powers, Bonnie is the one setting things up so Stefan and Damon can do the exciting part (I just thought of Uhura in the newest Star Trek movie). Before her powers, Bonnie sat by herself and people-watched. After her powers, Bonnie goes off by herself to deal with her issues (I'm not going to talk about the producers. Nope).[2]

Common Pairings

Popular Bonnie pairings include Bonnie/Jeremy, Damon/Bonnie, and Bonnie/Kol, with other pairings being Bonnie/Caroline, Bonnie/Elena, Bonnie/Elijah.

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