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Pairing: Bonnie Bennett/Jeremy Gilbert
Alternative name(s): Beremy
Gender category: Het
Fandom: TVD
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Popular
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Bonnie/Jeremy is a popular canon pairing in The Vampire Diaries TV show.


Bonnie and Jeremy began a relationship in season 2, but broke up following Jeremy and Anna's kiss.

They grew close again in season 4, leading up to Bonnie's decision to bring Jeremy back from the dead. She died in the process but remained on this plane as the anchor to the Other Side. The two now able to physically connect, rekindled their romance and they continued to be a couple throughout season 5. When the Other Side collapse, Bonnie is trapped in a Prison World, but Jeremy believed her dead and was distraught.

When Damon returned without Bonnie, Jeremy went into the Prison World to rescue her. However the experiences of season 6 left Jeremy in a bad place. He decided to leave Mystic Falls, choosing to go to "Art School", and the two parted on good terms.


In season two when Jeremy pursued Bonnie after Anna's death, there was a scene in which Jeremy and Anna's ghost kissed, which caused great controversy within the Beremy fandom. Some fans accused Jeremy of cheating on Bonnie, while some wondered if a simple kiss (and with a character that was dead) could be considered cheating (and whether it was just closure).

Common tropes in fanworks

  • Beremy often appears as a side pairing in works focused on other ships
  • Reunion & Reconcilation works often show these two meeting again, and sometimes working through the problems in their relationship.
  • There are smut works often focusing on their first time, and fluff focused on the quiet moments in their relationship. A lot of these works are set during season 2, when their relationship was less complicated.



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  • Absolution by niklovr, The night of the Decades Dance memories are rekindled. Can Bonnie and Jeremy reconnect despite the interference of witches, werewolves, vampires, and current suitors? References 3.20 "Do Not Go Gentle."
  • some say it's absurd by summerstorm, "Okay," she finally says, feeling a little smile bloom across her mouth, "what do you—" She lowers her voice a little and tries again, "What do you want to do?"
  • a little old place where by empressearwig, Teenagers. Alone in an abandoned house. You do the math.




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