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Synonyms: Getting Back Together, Reconciliation
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The Make-up trope is quite common in fanfiction and appears in practically every fandom.

In works focused on canon couples, these fics usually occur after a break up. They can be fix-its or AUs and may be a response to an unsatisfactory canon ending, or an effort to save a ship that is considered doomed. Shippers may also engage in theorizing or headcanoning how their ship could get back together in the event of a canon break up.

This trope is not confined to canon couples, or to works shipping two characters together. Works may also focus on two allies, colleagues or friends who have experienced a rift in their relationship.

The disagreement which requires them to make up is often as a result of events in canon. The reconciliation may arise from estranged characters been forced to work together, or brought together by circumstances. Sometimes their experiences while apart have changed their perspective, but works often focus on characters working through the issues that drove them apart. This can lead to angst that often has a happy ending with the characters rekindling their friendship or romantic relationship.

Common genres for these types of fics are Angst and Reconciliation Sex according to AO3.

Fandoms/Pairings that employ this Trope

The 100:
  • Clexa make-up fics often focus on Clarke forgiving and reconciling with Lexa after Lexa's betrayal at the end of season 2.
Marvel Cinematic Universe:
  • Stony make-up fics often focus on reconciling Steve Rogers and Tony Stark following the canon events of Civil War. Many of these works envision that Tony and Steve were in an established relationship during the events of Civil War, requiring the two to rebuild their romantic and professional relationships.

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