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The Break-up trope is quite common in fanfiction and appears in practically every fandom.

The reasons behind break-ups in fanworks can vary: breaking up the canon pairing to get a fanon pairing together; causing some tensions/drama between a pairing before getting back together, etc.

Break-ups are not always romantic in nature. Friend groups and families can also break up.

In Bandom RPF, break up fics can include the band breaking up as well as, or instead of, a relationship between bandmates ending.

Factors leading to the break-up can be internal (infidelity, lying, betrayal, etc.) or external (outside influence.)

Stories featuring the break up trope can focus on the breaking-up process, or start with the characters already broken up, dealing with the aftermath and often reuniting.

According to AO3, common genres or tropes for break up fics are Angst, Hurt/Comfort and Romance.

Example Fanworks

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Romantic Breakups

Other Breakups

  • Divorce fic, a Panic! at the Disco trope which deals with the band's 2009 split into two distinct entities, which also "broke up" the band's longest canon friendship and preferred fanon pairing.
  • Band Break Up AO3 tag

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