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Name: sylvaine
Alias(es): thriceandonce, thriceafan, thriceapodfic, thriceascrawl, thriceascribble, Tsubasa no Ryu, sylvaine57, envoy-of-the-moon, sylvsomaryu
Fandoms: Yu-Gi-Oh!, Harry Potter, Naruto, Bandom, Sherlock Holmes (all incarnations), Tolkien, Dragon Age, Supernatural, Rivers of London, Mythology, many many more
Other: Europodfriends co-mod
URL: sylvaine's website @ Paraka Productions / AO3 / Dreamwidth / Pinboard
sylvaine's usual user icon
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sylvaine is known in most places as thriceandonce, because the former is usually taken as a username.

sylvaine is multifannish, with multiple fandoms, multiple ships, and all types of pairing and gen fic. They write fic, create art, make mixes, and do all manner of miscellaneous creative things, but their main fannish output is podfic and bookmarks.

Fannish History

For information about their fannish history see User:Thriceandonce.