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Name: Paraka Productions
Date(s): 2009-present
Archivist: paraka
Founder: paraka
Type: Podfic Archive
Fandom: Multifandom
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Paraka Productions is the website of paraka, a prolific podficcer, and serves as multifandom podfic hosting. Paraka began hosting other people's fanworks as early as 2006, however it wasn't until she started offering hosting to other podficcers in 2010 that the site started to become associated with more than paraka's fanworks. When Megaupload was shut down in 2012, paraka made a post in her LJ openly offering hosting to any who asked.[1]

Everyone who uses Paraka Productions is given a subdomain of their own to control, most users choose not to put up a webpage and instead simply host files which are linked back to when posting the work in other locations like LiveJournal or Archive of our Own. Files are available in multiple formats, thought most commonly mp3 and m4b. Any mp3 link can be streamed if clicked on instead of downloading.

Creators must request permission to be hosted directly from paraka. The page Welcome to Paraka Productions has information on how to contact paraka. In 2015, paraka edited the page to say she was "not taking on new people to host at the moment." Requests have not be reopened since.

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Site history

Paraka Productions initially functioned as paraka's personal website. Early posts were fanvids, mostly for Queer as Folk. The first podfic, paraka's own, was uploaded in May 2008.[2] The works of other fans were first hosted in 2006 shortly after the site was created.

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