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Name: Megaupload
Dates: 2005 - January 2012
Type: File Sharing
Fandom: Not Applicable
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Megaupload (MU) was one of the most popular file sharing services available. While many users did use Megaupload to share movies and TV shows, the site was also used for legal fannish purposes: "Online locker services are heavily used by fans engaged in transformative works such as podfic recordings, music videos, collections of artwork, or even single story fan fiction downloads intended for eReaders." [1]


In January 2012, the FBI and the US Justice Department seized the Megaupload domain. Many fans feared that MU had been the first victim of the proposed SOPA/PIPA and ACTA bills. (Details:

Fannish Response

Many fans were outraged and frightened by MU's closure. Some communities were made virtually worthless by the loss of Megaupload. Some fans, afraid of legal action, chose to shut down their sites, or stop uploading/downloading content altogether.

(Links to fannish protests:

facetofcathy thought the U.S. DoJ calling it a "Mega Conspiracy" was overblown and she and cesare discussed possible classism in the coverage of the takedown.[2]


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