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Name: facetofcathy
Type: fanfic writer, meta writer, reviewer
Fandoms: Merlin, Leverage, Pirates of the Caribbean, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Supernatural, Supernatural RPF, The Eagle, White Collar
URL: facetofcathy.dreamwidth.org

facetsoftext.dreamwidth.org (mainly reviews)
Facetofcathy fic on AO3

facetofcathy's fic at DW
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facetofcathy is a multifannish writer of fanfic, meta, recs and reviews of fanworks.

facetofcathy has a warnings policy[1] and has given blanket permission to podfic, remix, and otherwise transform her fanworks.[2]

Notable Works


  1. ^ "I do not use simple, one-word warnings such as non-con, outside of the AO3 standard warnings, as I don't find them valuable to the bulk of readers. I will tell you if a story contains or depicts or alludes to sexual assault of any kind. I will explain the general nature of any dubious consent issues. I do not always go into detail about the nature of kinks or any other sexual practice in a story. I do try to give you an idea of the general level of kinkiness, as much as that's possible. I use the standard AO3 ratings. I do try to give you an idea of the level of violence or sexual explicitness in a story. You will find a lot of profanity in my characters minds and words. I have never written any stories containing character death not present in canon. I will indicate if any story depicts explicit underage sex. I assume you know the canon to some degree, so I don't generally mention that Dean/Sam is incest. You are encouraged to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have about any story here before you read." from Content Notes blanket permission, warnings policy sticky post. (Accessed 7 Dec 2011)
  2. ^ "These stories are not mine, they are yours. They are yours to be read how you will where you will, in whatever way suits you. Please utilize the AO3 ebook download to make copies for your own use or for non-commercial distribution. You may reformat ebook versions, remix, record as podfic or translate any story here without needing prior consent form me. Hell, print it out, chop it up and make a collage if that isn't too seventies. I consider all these uses transformative works. I ask that these stories not be reposted in full, and that any transformative use you make of them credit and link to the original work here on the AO3." at facetofcathy's AO3 profile. (Accessed 7 Dec 2011)
  3. ^ "This is not concrit. This is not feedback. This is not meant for authors. Anyone is welcome to read what is here, but not all fic, vid or meta will be 100% endorsed by me. Most of what I finish reading, I enjoy enough, think it's good enough that I am recommending it, with enough description to give readers here an idea if they might like it themselves. I try not to expect more than is reasonable from a given work. (Something written to a tight deadline and to a prompt is not always going to be the best possible story.) Trust me, there will be people who take my lukewarm response to something as an indicator that they will love it." from the reviews journal's What This Community is All About sticky post, (Accessed 7 Dec 2011)