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Name: Cesare
Alias(es): almostnever, Ces
Type: writer, reccer
Fandoms: Queer as Folk (UK), Lotrips, Stargate Atlantis, X-Men: First Class
Communities: almoststories, collection of fic
URL: Cesare on Dreamwidth

Almostnever on LiveJournal
Cesare on InsaneJournal
Cesare on the AO3

Cesare on Tumblr
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Cesare is a fanfiction writer, reccer, and writer of meta, also known as almostnever.

In 2002 she was active in Queer as Folk (UK) fandom.

From 2003-2010 she was active in Lord of the Rings RPF, writing mostly Dom/Elijah but also other pairings.

From 2009-2011 she wrote Stargate Atlantis, mostly McKay/Sheppard and a huge amount of drabbles for McShep Match. In SGA fandom Cesare is known, among other things, for being one of the few reccers to rec stories and art posted anonymously (some of which was later claimed) at the SGA kinkmeme.[1]

In 2011 she became involved in X-Men: First Class fandom and currently cowrites Charles/Erik with helens78.

One anonymous reviewer describes her works as, "well-characterised, smoking hot porn with feelings."[2]

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