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Name: Queer as Folk
Abbreviation(s): QAF, QAF (UK), QAFUK, QAF-UK
Creator: Russell T. Davies
Date(s): 1999-2000
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
External Links: Wikipedia, overview on crack_van
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Queer as Folk was an 8 part British miniseries (later extended to a second season of four parts) featuring the adventures of Stuart Alan Jones, Vince Tyler, and Nathan Maloney.

It was remade in the United States, and the two fandoms are typically distinguished by appending the country tag: QAF-UK vs QAF-US. The storyline of the US version, which ran much longer, branches off almost immediately and quite significantly from the UK version, so much so that the main pairing in QAF-US is Brian/Justin (Brian being the U.S.'s Stuart figure; Justin being the Nathan figure) rather than Stuart/Vince, which dominates UK fandom.

QAF-UK fanfic is archived at Across The Pond, a Queer as Folk archive which contains fic from both US and UK fandoms. The QAFfic Archive was the archive for the QAFfic mailing list.

While QAF-UK has never been as huge a fandom as the US version has spawned, it remains a popular Yuletide fandom.

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