I Like It Like That

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Title: I Like It Like That
Author(s): Mallory Klohn
Date(s): 2001 or before
Length: 12,183 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Queer As Folk UK
External Links: I Like It Like That (Seriously Bent)
I Like It Like That (AO3)

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I Like It Like That is a Queer As Folk story by Mallory Klohn.

Summary Seriously Bent website: In which nothing seems to be going right for Vince. Then again, when did it ever? Long nights and lunatics, everyone having a go, his best friend waiting around every corner to call him mean names... when does the madness end? And what the hell is he supposed to do with himself if it does?

Summary AO3: Twenty-seven million wrongs make a right when Stuart, having tortured Vince over innumerable terrible, terrible dates, finally Sees The Light. It's pretty much the worst cliche ever in the romcom genre, but with more buttsecks and (mostly) better dialogue.

Recs and Reviews

Queer As Folk: hot guys, steamy sex, unrequited love. What more could a slash fan want? Well, that's obvious: stories like I Like It Like That by Mallory Klohn. If you're a TS fan, you're probably already familiar with Mallory's skewering wit and almost surprisingly deft characterization underneath the humor. I've lost count of the number of Stuart/Vince stories I've read, but it doesn't matter--this is the one that gets it right.[1]


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