The Other Side (Vampire Diaries)

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Synonyms: Afterlife
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The Other Side is a Vampire Diaries afterlife concept where supernatural creatures (vampires, werewolf, witches etc.) can "stick around" after their death in ghost form, unseen by the living.

Initially, The Other Side was a separate dimension (very much like Supernatural's Purgatory), where dead supernatural beings went to instead of heaven or hell. However, the concept later evolved into a ghost version of the real world (depicted on the show with different coloring on screen). People inhabiting The Other Side also have limited capability of communicating with the living. If they are very emotional in the moment, they can physically affect the real world.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that the show deals with ancestral magic and bringing people back from the dead, The Other Side as a concept is not as commonly referenced in The Originals and fans for whom The Originals is the primary fandom.

The Other Side in Fandom

  • Due to his ability to see and interact with the dead, fanworks focusing on Jeremy Gilbert often have him interact with The Other Side
  • Bonnie Bennett fics set during season 5 often play with her status as the Ancor to The Other Side
  • Bringing someone back from The Other Side is a popular Fix-It trope

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