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Name: Lorenzo "Enzo" St. John
Occupation: Soldier
Title/Rank: The Augustine Vampire
Location: Whitemore
Status: Vampire
Relationships: Damon Salvatore (friend/ally), Caroline Forbes (friend/ally), Bonnie Bennett (Love Interest)
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries (TV)
Other: Played by Michael Malarkey
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Enzo is a regular character on the Vampire Diaries TV series.


Enzo was introduced in season five as a British prisoner of Whitemore's Augustine society and for the first half of the season he was only known as the "Augustine vampire". He spent 75 years in captivity and for five years, he was also joined by Damon Salvatore. They developed a bond and Enzo considers Damon a friend.

He died briefly in the second half of season 5, but was brought back at the end of the season along with other recurring and regular characters.

In season 7, Enzo is revealed to have begun a relationship with Bonnie Bennett. Following his canon death, he remains with Bonnie as a spirit and helps her deal with her grief.


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Enzo's snarky approach gained him a lot of fandom following. Many fans drew parallels between him and Klaus Mikaelson, sometimes referring to him as Klaus!Lite.

In fanfic, his canon dislike for Stefan is often embraced and (more often than not) showed from the shipping perspective.


The most common Enzo pairings are Caroline/Enzo and Damon/Enzo, both as romantic pairings and as BrOTPs. Following the season 7 time jump, it was revealed that Enzo had begun a relationship with Bonnie Bennett, and the pairing of Bonnie/Enzo became more common.

Common Tropes & Fanon

  • Captured by the Augustine Society: Several works focus on Enzo's time as a prisoner in the 1950s, during and after Damon's initial escape. Imprisoned with Damon, these works are sometimes pre-slash or slash fics, but there's also working focused on their growing friendship. Following Damon's escape, many works focus on Enzo's torture and imprisonment. Often a new prisoner will provide comfort, or bond with Enzo, with the two often developing a romantic relationship before or after their escape. These can be canon character, or OCs. Such works may be canon-divergent including works where Elena Gilbert is the only person captured by the Augustine Order in S05E09, and must rely on Enzo.
  • Post-Canon works often depict Enzo's spirit watching over Bonnie.
  • Enzo often appears in fics pairing other characters as the friend, usually to Caroline Forbes, either helping or hindering her new romance.

Notable Fanworks

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  • The Perfect Snowman by LoveLinny, Bonnie & Enzo fic.
  • Bound, Unbound by fragilelitteteacup, AU: Damon rescues Enzo from the Augustine Society, but Enzo doesn't remember him... in fact, Enzo doesn't remember anything.
  • we were made to thrive by TheSushiMonster, “I know you’re here. And that you’re trying to be sneaky, to leave me alone. But I know you’re here. You don’t have to hide.” Bonnie travels the world, meets many witches, and has a strong sense that he is watching over her. Post-8x16.



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