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Name: Stefan Salvatore
Location: Mystic Falls
Status: vampire
Relationships: Damon Salvatore (brother), Zach Salvatore (decendant), Sarah Salvatore (decendant)
Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Other: Played by Paul Wesley
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Stefan Salvatore is one of the main character in The Vampire Diaries fandom (both the novels and the TV show).

Book Canon

TV Show Canon


A lot of Stefan fans find his Ripper persona interesting and either want the character to embrace it or fight it[1].

Common Pairings

Most popular het pairings are Stefan/Elena, Stefan/Rebekah and Stefan/Caroline

Most popular slash pairings include Stefan/Damon and Stefan/Klaus

Fanon and Common Tropes in Fanworks


  • For once, it's not about the blood by eleai, When we look at Stefan’s character this season, I think we kind of have to break it down into two parts. We have to look first at what Plec wrote, and then what Paul Wesley acted (along with the directing and such in his scenes.) They tell two very different stories, and I think that deciding what to believe makes a huge difference with how you view season three.
  • Stefan Salvatore Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 by lauren3210, I think to truly understand The Vampire Diaries as a whole show, we need to discuss the very first main character we meet, voice-wise at least. So, here is my essay on Stefan Salvatore, where I hope to try to explain all of his faults and issues, and why they make me love him. I will touch on the SE relationship, if only to provide examples of this character’s story arc, but this will mainly focus on Stefan as a separate being. Also, while writing this, I realised I had way more feels about this character than I originally thought, so I’ve decided to put this essay into multiple parts. This part is insanely long, but don’t let that put you off!
  • Ripper's Anonymous by eleai, He is the man who sat in a bathroom with Caroline and taught her how to breathe through the blood, he is the man who saved Bonnie from Damon and tried to broker peace with a werewolf and saved his brother umpteen times and protected the town and loved Elena. He is that person, but he is also a that person who ripped two people apart in a little house in Tennessee and then put their bodies back together. He is a vampire, and that means that there is a part of him that will always want to kill.
  • Ripper!Stefan is no Angelus by with-lemonade, With the introduction of Ripper!Stefan in the season two finale of The Vampire Diaries, there have been a lot of comments around the TVD community comparing Stefan to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer character of Angelus. Being a big fan of both shows, I honestly do not see a good basis for comparison. For me, these two characters, while having superficial similarities, are in completely different categories if evil.

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  1. See also Ripper's Anonymous meta by eleai