Katherine Pierce

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Name: Katherine Pierce
Title/Rank: Doppelganger
Status: dead
Relationships: Nadia Petrova (daughter)
Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Other: Played by Nina Dobrev
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This page is about Katherine Pierce from the TV Show The Vampire Diaries. For the character from the novels see Katherine von Swartzschild


Katherine Pierce, born as Katerina Petrova was third in the line of Petrova Doppelgangers (After Amara and Tatia). She was born in Bulgaria where at the age of seventeen she has a child out of wedlock (Nadia). For that her father banished her from his house and she traveled to England, where she met two brothers: Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson. Not wanting to be used in Klaus' magical ritual, she manipulated her way into being turned into a vampire.

Later, she traveled to the New World where she met (and started an affair with) Stefan and Damon Salvatore.


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The psychology of Katherine is beautiful and complicated, ugly and simple all at once. She always puts herself first because she had to; no one was ever going to help her out, and by the time she stumbled across some people who would have done that for her, she was too used to taking care of herself to surrender control in that way. Damon and Stefan, for all their brave talk, could not protect her when it came down to it, and in fact lost their lives in the process. So Katherine's Plan B and Plan C in 1864 kept her alive. Of course, that was at the expense of two human boys and 27 vampires she called friends, one of which, Pearl, she called her "best" friend. But with no hesitation (from her own mouth) she sacrificed all of them. No problem.[1]

While no all fans likes Katherine, she was universally loved as a villain and/or as an antagonist.

Common Pairings

Most common het pairings are Stefan/Katherine and Katherine/Elijah.

Fanon and Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • In All Human AUs she is often a twin sister or a cousin of Elena Gilbert so that their similar looks can be explained. She's often portrayed as a reckless party girl.
  • Katerina - in fics that pair her with Elijah, she is almost always referred to as "Katerina", which is how Elijah (rarely anyone else on the show) calls her.


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