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Tropes and genres
Synonym(s)Mundane AU
Related tropes/genresHigh School AU
See alsoAlternate Universe, Magic AU
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In an All Human AU, characters who are canonically non-human are now humans, with corresponding changes to their backstories.

trobadora asked in a LiveJournal post about the attraction of All-Human AUs, and lots of people gave lots of answers that ran the gamut from badfic to easier to write to separating individual from identity.

In High School AUs, characters who are canonically immortal or otherwise unaging are most often either older high school students or in college.

Common Fandoms

  • Buffyverse — Usually vampires (such as Angel, Spike, or Drusilla) being rendered human. There were also works where Buffy was not a Vampire Slayer, that might be defined as Mundane AUs today. In the early 2000s, a variety of different terms were used to describe these works; including AU, fantasy fanfiction. The term Human AU was not in widespread use.
  • Teen Wolf — alternate universes with no supernatural elements. It is the most common fandom in the "Alternate Universe - Human" tag on AO3, with 5000+ works.
  • Supernatural — 3500+ works on A03.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers — 2900+ works AO3.
  • Homestuck - often known as "Humanstuck". 4500+ works on AO3.

Story Examples