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Title: DILF
Author(s): twentysomething
Date(s): 2012-08-16
Length: 30,871 words
Genre: slash, Mundane AU, Kidfic
Fandom: Teen Wolf
External Links: story link on AO3
story link on Dreamwidth

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DILF is a popular Derek/Stiles AU fanfic that was posted a few days after season 2 ended. It features a slow-progressing romance between single-dad Derek Hale and kindergarten teacher Stiles Stilinski; Scott McCall, Jackson Whittemore, and Danny Mahealani are all deaged.

For months,[1] DILF was the most-kudosed fanwork on the Archive of Our Own,[2] and as of 14 December 2014 is still the most kudos-ed Teen Wolf fic.[3]

Rhea314 posted a podfic of the story a month later.[4]


"DILF" was podficced by rhea314. The podfic is 3 hrs 24 min and is here.

I am recing this as my ONE podfic in this fandom, because it’s an AU, non-werewolf story and is SUPER fluffy and cute and adorable. [personal profile] rhea314’s Derek voice is perfect. Every moment of this podfic is a delight to listen to. You feel so hard for Derek, how he keeps his life together and is an awesome dad. Tiny Scott and Jackson are to die for characters, every scene they're in is so cute. It’s a much lighter and happier perspective and I love kid!Scott and kid!Jackson to distraction. Even if you are not in Teen Wolf fandom, this podfic is a MUST LISTEN!!! [5]

Reviews/Reactions: "DILF"

  • If there's a defining fic for the Sterek fandom, then this is it.[6]

slash-fanfic-recs on Tumblr labeled it "highly recommended":

  • After reading this, I can guarantee that you’ll be grinning and wanting to go and hug something.[7]

DILF got some attention in the book review blogosphere:

Very sweet story about a dad who falls for his kid's kindergarten teacher. The kids are adorable and both Derek and Stiles are great. This is Teen Wolf fanfic, but I really enjoyed this one without knowing anything about the series.[8]

But what I find fascinating is the quality writing. What does this say about how a book can be free, someone felt strong enough about the story to create the cover image, and yet we have other books like 50 Shades that sells 70 millions of copies and have, in my opinion, far inferior writing.[9]

This is actually free fan fiction, but since I don’t know the TV series, I just read it as straight romance. Wonderful slow build, USTy relationship between a man who is guardian to his two young nephews and one of their teachers.[10]

For the same reason that non-fanfic readers liked it, anons at Fail_Fandomanon disliked it:

It's by no means BAD it's just. so very AU the author should really just pull it off ao3, change the names and sell it to a publisher as an orig m/m romance, because it bares no resemblance to the canon characterisation-wise.[11]


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