Danny Mahealani

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Name: Daniel Mahealani
Occupation: High school student
Relationships: Danny/Ethan, Jackson Whittemore (best friend)
Fandom: Teen Wolf
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Danny Mahealani is a supporting character on the television show Teen Wolf. He is a high school student at Beacon Hills High School with some computer/hacking skills, and has played goalie for the lacrosse team. He is openly gay, is best friends with Jackson Whittemore, and dated Ethan, a member of the Alpha Pack. He is portrayed by actor Keahu Kahuanui.


Danny is generally well-liked by fandom, and appears more often as a supporting character in fanworks than he appears on actual episodes of the show. The other characters' complete acceptance of his sexual orientation is taken as evidence of the general lack of homophobia in the world of the show, which in turn gave fans hope that Stiles would be revealed to be bisexual and/or Derek/Stiles would become canon. His most common pairings are with Stiles, Jackson, Ethan, and Isaac. Because he was one of the few characters not in the know about the supernatural, Danny Finds Out was a common trope in fic; other fanworks postulated that Danny did in fact know and just chose to keep out of it. This interpretation was made canon at the end of season 3B, when he broke up with Ethan because he didn't want to be pulled into the werewolf drama.

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