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Name: Scott McCall
Occupation: High school student
Relationships: Melissa McCall (mother), Stiles Stilinski (best friend)
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Scott McCall, by Cozmiclove
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Scott McCall is the main character of the television show Teen Wolf. He is a high school student who was bitten and turned into a werewolf, and the show chronicles his adventures with werewolves and other supernatural creatures. He is portrayed by actor Tyler Posey.


Scott is an asthmatic high school sophomore at Beacon Hills High School in the fictional town of Beacon Hills, California. He's a social outcast and best friends with Stiles Stilinski when Peter Hale bites him and turns him into a werewolf. His new powers cure his asthma and make him fast and strong enough to be promoted to first line on the school's lacrosse team. He is the only child of single mom Melissa McCall; his estranged father is an FBI agent. The first two seasons of the show positioned him and Allison Argent as star-crossed lovers, torn apart by his status as a werewolf and her family's status as werewolf hunters. He is resistant to becoming a beta member of Derek Hale's pack, and season 3 reveals that he is a True Alpha.


Despite being the protagonist of the show, Scott is not the most popular character in the fandom, nor is he part of the fandom OTP. There are concerns that this is related to racism in fandom, as the fandom favors two white supporting characters over the protagonist.


In fanworks, Scott is most often paired with his first canon girlfriend, Allison, though their relationship is more often a background pairing in Derek/Stiles fanworks than the focus of fanworks itself. Other popular pairings for Scott are with Isaac and Stiles; the threesomes of Allison/Isaac/Scott, Derek/Scott/Stiles, and Allison/Scott/Stiles are also fairly popular. His canon relationship with Kira has grown in popularity since she was introduced, but like the relationship with Allison, it is more often backgrounded than featured. A fairly rare pairing for Scott is with Lydia.


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