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Name: Peter Hale
Relationships: Derek Hale (nephew), Laura Hale (niece), Cora Hale (niece), Talia Hale (sister)
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Peter Hale, as depicted by AkiMao. (2013)
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Peter Hale is a character of the television show Teen Wolf.


Peter Hale was the main antagonist of season 1, shown to be in a state of coma at the start of the show before revealed to be the alpha that bit and turned *Scott McCall, the main protagonist of the show. He's shown to have died in the season 1 finale, killed by *Derek Hale, his nephew.

He is brought back to life by Lydia Martin in season 2.

In subsequent seasons, he is shown to be a character with divided loyalties, sometimes siding with the pack and sometimes against.

At the end of season 6, he arc is ended by declaring him an ally, a friend of the pack.



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