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Name: Peter Hale
Relationships: Derek Hale (nephew), Laura Hale (niece), Cora Hale (niece), Talia Hale (sister)
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Peter Hale, as depicted by AkiMao. (2013)
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Peter Hale is a character of the television show Teen Wolf. Adult Peter Hale was played by Ian Bohen, and young Peter Hale was played by Michael Fjordbak.


Peter Hale was the main antagonist of season 1, shown to be in a state of coma at the start of the show before revealed to be the alpha that bit and turned *Scott McCall, the main protagonist of the show. He's shown to have died in the season 1 finale, killed by *Derek Hale, his nephew.

He is brought back to life by Lydia Martin in season 2.

In subsequent seasons, he is shown to be a character with divided loyalties, sometimes siding with the pack and sometimes against.

At the end of season 6, he arc is ended by declaring him an ally, a friend of the pack.


It is common for Peter to be depicted as a secondary character with ambiguous loyalties who is willing to betray those closest to him. Even when he is the primary character he often is loyal to a select few, and distrustful of others.

Authors that write about an intact and functioning Hale Pack will often have either Peter as the Alpha of the pack or have him as the Alpha's right hand or second in command. This is seen in in fics both where his sister Talia or Derek are the Alpha of the Hale Pack.


Peter/Stiles or Steter is by far the most popular ship to feature Peter. This is followed by Peter/Chris or Petopher. Peter/Lydia or Pydia is the most popular het ship to feature Peter.

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