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Name: Lydia Martin
Occupation: High school student
Fandom: Teen Wolf
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Lydia Martin is a main character on the television show Teen Wolf. She is a high school student and a banshee. She is portrayed by actress Holland Roden.


Lydia is a high school student at Beacon Hills High School and the girlfriend of lacrosse team captain Jackson Whittemore at the start of the show. She is very intelligent, but hides her intelligence to maintain her popularity. Stiles Stilinski has had a crush on her since they were children. When Allison Argent moves to town they quickly become best friends. Over the course of the show she is bitten by Peter Hale, but does not turn into a werewolf because she has some sort of immunity. Nonetheless, the connection to Peter allows him to use her to resurrect himself after his death. She begins being drawn to other deaths, and discovers that she is a banshee and psychic.


Lydia is one of the most popular female characters in the fandom. She is tagged more often than any other female character in Teen Wolf works on the AO3.[1] Many works focus on her friendship with either Stiles or Allison rather than a romantic relationship.


Of her two canon relationships, Lydia/Stiles is by far the more popular, and is also her most frequent pairing overall, though like many canon relationships it is often simply a background relationship in Derek/Stiles fanworks.[2] Her most popular non-canon relationship is with Stiles,[2] and her most popular femslash relationship is with Allison.[2] Allison Argent/Lydia Martin is the most popular femslash pairing in the fandom.[3] Less frequently, she is paired with Peter Hale,[2] and her most common threesome is Derek/Lydia/Stiles.[2] Rarer pairings for Lydia include Scott McCall and Lydia Martin/Jordan Parrish.

Crossover pairings also appear for Lydia, including (but not limited to): Lydia/Peter Parker and Lydia/Barry Allen




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