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Synonyms: fortuneteller, telepaths
Related: Vampire, Witch, Werewolf, Superheroes, Magic, Mutants, Aliens
See Also: Psychic Bond, Psychic Powers, Phony Psychic, Psychic Radar, Psychic Children, Psychic Nosebleed
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Psychics are often used in stories in fandoms containing canon psychics (such as That's So Raven or Harry Potter) or for canon sources lacking psychics or supernatural elements in general (such as Sherlock BBC). Psychics appear regularly in fantasy fictional fandoms.


A psychic is a person who claims to have an ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses through extrasensory perception (ESP)[1] which is also known as the Sixth Sense.

List of Canon Psychic Fandoms

This list is for fandoms that focus on psychics. Note: What constitutes inclusion on this list may vary among fans.

The below list of fandoms that focus on character pretending or did pretend to be psychics:

In Fandom

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Psychics in fandom is generally used for another name for telepaths, and is more commonly used to focused more on the known psychic powers. This is especially common in the Marvel Fandom such as the X-Men, due to Jean Grey and Charles Xavier are canonically referred to psychic mutants.

The trope where a character shows up as a fortuneteller aka a psychic - giving love advice or precognition often appears in fanfics, this is often intertwined with various mediums where the psychic can communicate with the dead (such as Melinda Gordon of Ghost Whisperer or Allison DuBois of Medium). Also what happens with the fortuneteller type trope, characters often pretend to be psychic (such as Patrick Jane of The Mentalist did prior to the series beginning and the same goes with Shawn Spencer of Psych).

Another trope is for a character to become a psychic which is usually because aliens or some sort of accident or experiment, this leads them to having psychic abilities, often a type of telepathy or telekinesis.

Popular fandoms are for psychics tagged works are X-Men: First Class, Supernatural, Star Trek (2009), Weiß Kreuz, Doctor Who, Sherlock BBC, and The Avengers Movieverse, with Teen Wolf and Stargate Atlantis close behind[2].


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