The Glades

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Name: The Glades
Creator: Clifton Campbell
Date(s): July 11, 2010 – August 26, 2013
Medium: live-action television series
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: The Glades (TV series), official website, IMDB
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The Glades was a A&E crime drama live-action television series.


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Main Characters

  • Detective Jim Longworth - a Chicago detective that moved to Florida to "retire", but he learned that the murder rate was high in Florida and joined the FDLE.
  • Callie Cargill - a registered nurse, med student and Jim's romantic interest
  • Dr. Carlos Sanchez - a Chief forensic pathologist for the FDLE, is married with three daughters. He's also very superstitious.
  • Daniel Green - a nerdy grad student and later intern at FDLE
  • Colleen Manus - regional director for the FDLE
  • Jeff Cargill - Callie's son


After four seasons, A&E cancelled the series which angered the fans due to the cliffhanger that ended the fourth season. Fans took to Twitter and has a petition to get the series to come back for a forth season[1]. In December 2013, Clifton Campbell explained why the series was cancelled by the A&E[2].


  • Gladeiators - a term used to recognize fans of the series

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